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Bowl Finishes

Unless otherwise noted, my bowls are finished simply by buffing with fine abrasives and adding a final thin coat of carnuba wax. Some bowls are also rubbed with walnut oil, which will not go rancid, discolor or crack. Walnut oil is edible and carnuba wax is used in many food products and medicines and is also edible. Accordingly, my bowls are DRY food safe; that is, you may place dry food, such as candies and nuts in the bowls. However, I do not recommend any wet foods. To clean a bowl, just wipe it with a DRY cloth. You can also rub a small amount of walnut oil into the bowl to help protect/restore it.

My Bowls

Unusual lacewood bowl; height 2", base 5.25", top 5.75". This bowl has a mushroom rim. Dry food safe. Buffed finish with carnuba wax. (Stock # B1014)-Price $34.95-Shipping $5.00


A pair of small rosewood bowls. Height = 2in, opening=3.25in, width = 4in. Great for small candies. (Stock # B1015)-Price $34.95-Shipping $10.00